Dr aswath, Medpg

Welcome MedPG family

 The MedPg faculty are a right mix of Young and experienced teaching talents. The faculty updates their content and exam pattern every year with the right approach to the changing patterns of EXAM. ​The central theme of each class is to enable 'smart study'. 



GENERAL MEDICINE yields you 30+ questions but the effort taken is huge, so we have the right set of medicine mentors

  1. Dr. Rakesh S Nair
  2. Dr. Haynez Raja
  3. Dr. Jeykumar Meyappan
  4. Dr. Arjun Lal


The surgery is all about learning focused and gets you a sure shot 30 questions your bag, to enable this we have the experienced and vibrant faculties.

  1. Dr. Sandeep
  2. Dr. Roshjo 


The sure shot thirty questions come from Obstetrics and Gynecology, we have got it covered by the legendary faculty and director of MedPG. More than a teacher he is amentor and a guide 

Dr. Aswath Kumar


Dr. Sarath Balaji is the faculty who has made the subject pediatrics a fun journey, his classes are vibrant and energetic. The yield form his modules are also the highest. 


Dr. Binu Areekal is one of the most experienced faculties in the subject. His modules are completely based on the effort to yield ratio  


The subjects gained more importance in the recent NEET-PG exams as the pattern gave a specific quote of 10 questions to these subjects. Thus our faculties are also updated with the latest content. 

ENT- Dr. Anuragini Ophthal- Dr. Nirmal.



The basic subjects are remote and takes time to learn but the yield per subject is very high also the entire PART A is based on these subjects thus our confidence and performance on the entire test requires a through knowledge in the basic subjects

Dr. Raviraj Satnlean 


The concepts in physiology are simple and easy to learn in a fun way, but the difficult days of our initial medico life has made a road block in our minds, we at MedPG lifts these and enables focused learning.

Dr. Krishna Kumar ( CRISP ) 


Biochem is a nightmare to majority of medicos but systematic learning and timed revision strategy can help to crack this tough nut, the application of learning relevant topics and focusing on yielding areas helps to achieve better score in biochemistry. 

Dr. Sreekumar


The subject of pathology has a yield of twenty five questions in NEET-PG and can act as a rank deciding subject if used properly and we make sure that pathology is covered extensively but with the concept based learning.

Dr. Ashna 


Pharm is a very confusing subject requiring extensive learning and constant revision from a students perspective so we make sure our modules are well conveyed and worked out with special focus on the high yield topics and questions. 

Dr. Maria  


The subject of microbiology is a very high yielding basic subject with extensive image based modules and facts, thus making it a  volatile subject too. The MedPG microbiology modules are specifically designed to make a confused or struggling student grasp the subject easily. 

Dr. Rohitha Mahesh 



The Medico-Legal aspects of medicine and toxicology is a fun packed subject and lest learn it with ease! 

Dr. Manu Jones  


The dermatology as a subject is full of image based modules and facts but our organised notes and app based modules make it a cakewalk. 

Dr. Neema Salim


Our psychiatry modules are the best in the country with appropriate material designed to cover right from the basics to NIMHANS exams. 

Dr. Vivekanandhan


This short subject is perfectly designed and covered to include all the high yield areas, presenting this relatively untouched area of UG days in a digestible form. 

Dr. Baburaj


The latest NEET pattern has moved into more problem solving approach from radiology fact based questions, so we have also evolved adapting this vertical integration acrosss subjects. 

Dr. Niaz  


The subject has gained importance in NEET as the new pattern brings in lots of advanced areas and relatively new areas as high yield concepts, at MEDPG we integrate all the  oncology topics raging from tumor biology to the various tumors spread across the various subjects.

Dr. Benson Benjamin