Our Team

The Faculty List Of Our Classroom Course

🌟Anatomy: Dr.Raviraj (Marrow/National faculty)

🌟Physiology: Dr. Saritha Shenoy  (National faculty) 

🌟Biochemistry: Dr. Sreekumar (National faculty)

🌟Pathology :Dr. Vandana Puri (National faculty)

🌟Microbiology :Dr. Sheeba PM  (National faculty)

🌟Pharmacology :Dr. Sunilkumar G (National faculty)

🌟Forensic Medicine : Dr. Magendran (Prepladder/National faculty)

🌟ENT:Dr.Shibu George  (National faculty)

🌟Ophthalmology: Dr. Rajaratna T (Marrow/National faculty)

🌟Community Med: Dr. Rajasi RS  (National faculty)

🌟Medicine : Dr. Harikrishnan  (National faculty)

🌟Medicine :Dr. Sandeep Kunhikannan (National faculty)

🌟Medicine and Oncology :Dr.Benson

🌟Surgery: Dr. Rohan Khandelwal (Marrow/National faculty)

🌟OBG :Dr. Anilkumar (National faculty)

🌟Paediatrics :Dr. Singaram A (Marrow/National faculty)

🌟Orthopedics :Dr. Abbas Ali (Marrow/National faculty)

🌟Radiology :Dr. Khaleel Ahmed (Prepladder/National faculty)

🌟Dermatology :Dr.Aswini R  (National faculty)

🌟Psychiatry :Dr.Anoop G (National faculty)

🌟Anaesthesia :Dr.Baburaj C  (National faculty)