Our saga began a decade ago, in the heart of Thrissur, when Dr. Aswath Kumar, a Pioneer in PG- entrance coaching decided to orient his students, in achieving their goal. And since its beginning, MedPG has always bagged more than 10% of all top 1000 ranks in the then AIPGME, and now, NEET-PG. We have had toppers in almost every year, but our focus is not on the top ranker's, because we believe every student has the right to achieve his/her dream PG seat. Because of which, a student previously accessed to be average, bags the ranks in the top percentiles. 

An exam always has a syllabus and if there is a syllabus it can definitely be cracked! The effort and the path to this will be different for each candidate, our experience has taught us that even an average student can succeed with the right guidance and optimum environment to work for the goal. This is why MedPG always caters to the individual needs of each student and coaches him/her through our course without bending the natural style of the student. Our unique approach has given us innumerable and unheard success stories.

The question asked in the end  is not your rank but it is whether you achieved your dream PG. And, we, at MedPG, are here to help you realize your goal and your dream and coach you through the hurdles to achieve it.   



Student Centered

Student Centered

The key to a perfect NEET-PG preparation is to have an endpoint defined right from the beginning of the course, this ambition is passion-driven and will help us keep you motivated and religiously fixed onto your path to success. The key to victory as the proverb goes is to have the right attitude and hard work, but medpg has slightly tweaked the hard-work part to make it 'smart work'. As our experience taught us that it's not the hardest working student that reaches the 'goal' but the smartest one with the perfect strategy!

Student Centered

Student Centered

Student Centered

 The central theme of Medpg Thrissur's course is not the mere completion of our classes but it is to deliver each and every session/exam with our student as a focus. This enables us to push our students to their maximum retention capacity, also making our students organized and focused. Thus enabling them to execute a perfect revision and arrive at best results 


Student Centered


 Medpg's mentors and the interaction with the batch creates an unique atmosphere in medpg classes, this rekindles the flame of passion. The passion combined with our 'smart study plan' makes sure even a student with average performance in their Undergrad days achieve their dream subject. 

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